Everything is connected in the modern world today. Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to a new digital ecosystem making the world smarter and better than ever before. It’s essentially a transformational force that helps consumers and organizations improve day to day productivity through sensors, automation, monitoring, analytics and security to name a few.
Suventure is working on enterprise, consumer, and industrial Internet of Things applications ranging from simple home automation to complex industrial IoT applications. Using the power of machine learning and advanced analytics, we build smart connected products, a win-win for all and an intelligent world, smart, connected and responsive.


Consumer IoT

Consumer IoT is one of the fastest growing segments changing consumers lifestyle in living rooms, kitchens, homes and offices. Usage of connected smartphones, connected lights, fans, air conditioners and several other home appliances is all being accelerated by connected IoT devices. These devices continue to evolve at home, office and public places bringing newer ways how consumers interact with these devices and services

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT remains the largest segment where industrial organizations leverage IoT technologies in manufacturing, assembly lines, factories. Sensors, machine learning, intelligence and automation here are transforming industrial landscapes globally. Energy efficiency, robotics, automation, and overall productivity have now higher benchmarks with advent of IoT technologies.

Smart Cities

Smart cities offer new ways for communities to manage water, power, traffic, street lights, infrastructure and other civic amenities. These technologies also help in managing pollution, crime, and natural disasters etc., to keep citizens safe. Monitoring usage of public assets, their safety, maintenance and upkeep are other areas where IoT technologies are being used.
We have been working with stakeholders in building smart connected cities using smart sensors, machine intelligence and predictive modelling

Automotive IOT

A prediction estimates that the number of connected cars on the road would increase to 381 million by 2020. With a 958% growth anticipated over five years. Which will result in extraordinary market expansion opportunity for automotive IOT. We work with automotive industry customers to create innovative and advanced solutions, including Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), in-vehicle infotainment systems, navigation & telematics solutions.


Consumer Electronic

The continued transformation of the cities,

has led to shift the boring lifestyle into a new and smarter place to live and work. Now, these smart cities need their regular consumer electronics to be connected in a way that is secure and intelligent at the same time. In response, Suventure with its full range of secure products and services which enables consumer electronics manufacturers to offer new services to their customers and differentiate their products from the competition. And hence making the end users happier than ever before.



2019 announces a whole new kind

of approach in fitness and health gadgets segment. Using the insights gained from big data analysis, we have given wide range of solutions to the healthcare world, related to remote monitoring, personal healthcare to smart sensors and medical device integration. In our latest services and solutions, we have touched the concepts like cognitive IOT and redefined Machine-to-human (M2H) interactions for efficient healthcare facilities and increased the vulnerability to hackers.



As Telecom becomes the nervous

system of all connected devices ( as all devices will speak with each other through telecom as a medium), Suventure caters to length and breadth of telecom adoption for ex in Dispersed geographical spread like Fixed Applications (Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Remote monitoring, PSTN, Broadband), Automation solutions, eHealth, wireless and wired connectivity and Concentrated mobile solutions like Car Automation, logistics, WPAN and for satellite communications.


IOT Solutions

Smart cities

Suventure provides solutions that support rapid urbanization by accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of people’s life. We develop smart city infrastructure and similar applications that help in developing strategies to improve infrastructure, ensure long-term growth, build energy-efficient environments, and ensure security and safety standards. Our Solutions aim to resolve problems related to infrastructure and cities such as street lighting, traffic control, congestion, and much more.

Home automation

Suventure houses several IoT experts that provide clients with robust and time-tested home automation experience to give complete control of their homes.Our IoT based home automation solutions enable clients to operate systems for music, video, lights, climate, Geysers ,fans and security through smartphone, tablet, touch panel or keypad. We aim to give clients complete peace of mind by building solutions that enhance their comfort and security at home.

Energy Monitoring

Suventure offers smart energy monitoring solutions to optimally deliver energy and advanced environmental sustainability. We offer full visibility of the environment and energy management cycle to help prioritize the decision process, allowing objective analysis of the impact of such decisions.
Our team is a pioneer in designing, developing, and delivering IoT energy management related to products, by taking advantage of smart devices, emerging technology sensors, wireless networks, big data, and computing power.

Entertainment Automation

Suventure offers smart entertainment automation solutions for single control of all entertainment devices.Whether it is home theatre system, TVs, projectors or audio systems, our entertainment automation system allows control of all devices from one single interface.


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