Healthcare is one of the sunrise industries consuming over 10 percent of the GDP in most economies. Hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, clinical outsourcing, telemedicine, pharmaceuticals and in the recent past the new upcoming segments of preventive healthcare and wellness are seeing rapid growth. Consumers have now increased awareness to fitness and healthy lifestyle thereby preventing or minimizing diseases and catching them early. Healthcare therefore continues its shift to more value based care and preventive models. Healthcare applications and systems are adapting to this rapid change and embracing innovation and transformation. Healthcare also plays an important role as being the largest employer in the global economy. Healthcare technology landscape is extensive and complex. Maintaining legacy healthcare systems and integration of new digital health consumer experience with existing software and systems is indeed an evolving task. Healthcare systems need constant upgradation and integration with newer systems including consumer managed connected devices.

Suventure Patient care

Suventure has a track record of working with leading North American, European and Asian healthcare systems and product companies in areas of back end software, Electronic Medical Records, and smartphone based consumer health applications that get integrated with patient care systems and diagnostic laboratories.


Patient care

Patient care solutions help health technologies meet the demands of growing diseased population at hospitals, homes or anywhere. Patient monitoring solutions keep watch on the general ward and help monitor patient conditions. Population health analytics help identify at-risk cardiac populations and ambulatory tele-health programs help monitor patients at home to reduce readmissions.


Diagnostics is a vital component of health tech and is used in all stages of health management. From preventive monitoring of health vitals to patient care and post recovery, diagnostics is an ongoing activity. Essentially the diagnostics systems and software need to be integrated with Labs, care providers and consumer health experiences. Leveraging consumer smartphones, connected labs and wearables, diagnostics systems are providing altogether a new digital health experience to consumers.

Consumer Health Experience

Consumer healthcare is in a state of transformation and disruption. Consumers empowerment is one of the big trends, where consumers would like to better understand their own health, vitals, healthcare concepts and systems through digitally enabled information, services & products. Suventure aims to continuously partner with healthcare eco-system by bringing innovation, expertise, experiences, and skills and help in this digital transformation.

Fitness & Wellness

A significant focus globally is moving towards preventive healthcare to prevent or minimize impact of diseases and ailments. Overall wellness promotion approach includes fitness, nutrition, sleep cycle management and general wellbeing. Suventure continues to work with leading solution providers and develop cutting edge tech solutions in the space of wearables, real-time monitoring of vitals, preventive & predictive diagnostics and in-depth analytics.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Solutions

Suventure team has years of experience working with healthcare and related industries. Suventure can help companies leverage their investments in technology. We have been assisting leaders in healthcare by providing business solutions that seamlessly facilitate the flow of necessary information from one link in the value chain to the next, and back again – both internally and externally. Some of the solutions Suventure team can support our global healthcare clients are:— HIPAA Compliance– Consumer Activation– Digital Marketing– Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Healthcare– Healthcare Information Management Dashboards– Quality Assurance and Testing– Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite for Healthcare.

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Consumer Activation

  • Digital Marketing

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Healthcare

  • Healthcare Information Management Dashboards

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite for Healthcare.


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