The consumer Electronics industry has witnessed significant changes in the last decade and continues to evolve. Consumer electronics products are expected to be innovative, connected, smart, intelligent, and yet competitive. Technological advancements in telecom, internet, smartphones are directly shaping the course of products and customers are discerning and well informed of what they would want to consume. Suventure has been assisting leading consumer electronics companies in product engineering, product maintenance, support and upgrades.

Business Segments

Suventure has been working with global players in consumer electronics space. For following category of products Suventure has been associated in various stages of product development, maintenance, and support

Digital Entertainment

Home Appliances

Consumer Wearables

Connected Home


Smart Geysers (Water Heaters)

Smart geyser is an intelligent home water heater solution that can be managed and operated by a smartphone application allowing customers to configure units so that they can be turned on on a pre-set time and turn off automatically. The smart geyser solution provided superior anytime anywhere experience and energy efficiency and savings to the end consumer.

Smart Bell & Lock

Smart Bell and Lock application was a prototype application developed on a Raspberry Pi2 board with push buttons and camera modules. The application facilitated integration with Google Cloud Vision for integration of facial detection. Guest images were stored in databases. The Companion Application on smartphone would receive notification when doorbell rings. Companion application was integrated with face detector SDK that recognize the visitor’s face at door and in the contact list. Lock/Unlock button on the App intimates the smart lock to open/close accordingly.

Smart LED fans Development

Smart LED Fan is a smartphone Application developed for a leading consumer appliances company. This application controlled and regulated fan speeds and various light modes and could be operated by the users from their smartphones anytime and anywhere.


IOT platform - Smart homes company

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