Client: Health and fitness app

Project Details:

A mobile based fitness and lifestyle app helps customers to manage a healthy lifestyle by suggesting recommendations like temperature change, vitamin shower and lightening to reduce Jetlag effects during long flights. It also helps consumer to keep track of how much distance they walked, how much portions of fruits/vegetables they ate and how much Vitamin D was acquired by exposure to sun or by taking Vitamin D rich foods.

Problem Definition:

Our team was assigned for back-end and front-end development using and SQL technology. Social media and multiple component integration was a major challenge for the project.

Solution from Suventure:

We delivered the project in well defined time frame to facilitate Jetlag effect controlling the ambience of the hotel customers visit keeping track of their health and nutrition with our excellent design, smooth user experience and verification and validation testing servcies.


With access to technology experts, our customer gained time to market advantage and cost saving solution with first release in apple store providing a long term value addition for our customers in premium hotels.

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